Tuesday, September 7, 2010

day 8-15 of 100

I'm starting to feel like I might be the worst blogger in the world. It just seems like I cant find the time to post regularly. I have been bombarded with homework since the first day of class. This week we were preparing for my grandmother's 80th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMMY). My brother came down to visit for the party. The couple days he was here I strayed from raw foods twice. Then last night we got hit by a tropical storm. It almost turned into a hurricane, boy did we get lucky..

So, you will notice that the header says 8-15. Im just going to give a quick update for those days because there is no way I can find time to post for them all. Like in my prior post my weight continues to fluctuate. The lowest was 149.2 the day my brother got here. It has been up all the way to 154 and then back down again. I have learned not to focus so much on the scale but I like to keep record because I can go back and look at what I ate and how my body reacted. I have been all raw except for those two times while my brother was here. I'm pretty proud that after having some SAD (standard american diet) foods I was able to go right back to raw the very next meal. 

I have to say after almost 2 months of adding raw foods to my diet and just these few days of high raw to 100% raw, I feel great. Since I first learned and began to practice a raw food diet I have lost about 15 lbs. The 17th will be exactly 2 months. During this time it has been pretty hard to make it to the gym so it is all because of the diet change. I had begun to work out in Feb, because that is when I was first able to since the accident. Due to the accident I gained about 30+ lbs. Regardless all those months of hard work at the gym only got me down a few lbs. 

If your interested in looking and feeling your best I highly suggest looking into a raw foods diet. Now do not be confused, this is not a diet as to loose weight, it is more of a lifestyle. The word diet here means what you eat or the way you eat, not a specific program designed to make you loose weight. The thing about raw foods is that it provides your body with clean whole foods, which are rich in enzymes and nutrients that your body can use for many things. You will see your body change and heal as it cleans out all the toxins that have built up over the years. You will also see that your skin, hair, and nails look more youthful. This is because of the enzyme rich foods. 

O.k well thats all I have time for today, again I am sorry for not being constant with my post. You will, for sure, see a post here for day 16. 

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