Friday, September 10, 2010


I know last time I said, "for sure you will see post for day 16", well here it is, lol...maybe I should have said for sure I will try. 

I lost the little pad where I was jotting down my food intake. I think I left it at study group or something. I can say that Iv been eating pretty well, except for yesterday. 

As it turns out I got the perfect lab partner for chemistry class. At first I thought it was funny because we were a bit odd for paring, His major is chemical engineering and mine is environmental science. He wants to blow stuff up and I want to save the world. Aside from that major difference we share many interest. Mostly that we are both surfers. Yesterday we were finishing up some homework and it seemed like the perfect time for the beach, so we went. It got late on me and I was starving as I had only packed a few snacks for study group. We went to this place on the island, all the veggies they offered were fried. I'm serious, they even had fried pickles. I thought about asking for some of the stuff they had raw, but as they serve fish and other meats there, I was worried to be victim of cross contamination so I ate the fried food. 

It's so strange, I was able to notice an immediate effect on my was not happy.

All this time and I can't remember to keep it clean and pack my own stuff. 

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